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Tier Species Size Attr. GeneSet
Tier I 3 GS270174: GWAS Catalog Data for central nervous system cancer in 692 European ancestry cases, 3,992 European ancestry controls
Tier I 5 GS268821: GWAS Catalog Data for central nervous system cancer in 1,013 European ancestry cases, 6,595 European ancestry controls
Tier I 8 GS270875: GWAS Catalog Data for central nervous system cancer in 1,878 European ancestry cases, 3,670 European ancestry controls
Tier III 772 GS218676: Differentially expressed in hippocampus of chronic alcoholics.
Tier III 543 GS222294: Inflammatory Bowel Disease Rare Variant
Tier I 12152 GS232685: PC Geneset - "Homo sapiens" pathway genes
Tier II 14548 GS234192: [MeSH] Gene Expression Regulation : D005786
Tier II 18427 GS234621: [MeSH] Chemical Actions and Uses : D020164
Tier II 4312 GS234669: [MeSH] Cell Cycle Proteins : D018797
Tier II 749 GS234969: [MeSH] DNA Helicases : D004265
Tier II 10537 GS235056: [MeSH] Peptides : D010455
Tier II 17125 GS235061: [MeSH] Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins : D000602
Tier II 651 GS235201: [MeSH] Glioma : D005910
Tier II 17084 GS235287: [MeSH] Proteins : D011506
Tier II 18292 GS235305: [MeSH] DNA, Complementary : D018076
Tier II 18365 GS235797: [MeSH] DNA Probes : D015342
Tier II 17587 GS235942: [MeSH] Genetic Processes : D039361
Tier II 1204 GS236295: [MeSH] Isomerases : D007535
Tier II 11822 GS236481: [MeSH] Enzymes : D004798
Tier II 7530 GS236751: [MeSH] Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide : D020641
Tier II 5149 GS236915: [MeSH] Genome, Human : D015894
Tier II 2987 GS236987: [MeSH] Tumor Suppressor Proteins : D025521
Tier II 358 GS237141: [MeSH] Gene Amplification : D005784
Tier II 6978 GS237257: [MeSH] Pathologic Processes : D010335
Tier II 1480 GS237451: [MeSH] Neuroectodermal Tumors : D017599