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Tier Species Size Attr. GeneSet
Tier II 332 GS84177: morphine preference (Published QTL, Chr 6)
Tier II 428 GS84178: METH responses for home cage activity (Published QTL, Chr 6)
Tier I 5475 GS127127: Benzo(a)pyrene interacting with Homo sapiens associated genes (MeSH:D001564) in CTD
Tier III 3625 GS218390: Alcoholism Susceptibility Chr 1
Tier I 110 GS230799: MSigDB Geneset - chr7q34
Tier II 2948 GS234116: [MeSH] Globulins : D005916
Tier II 4082 GS234179: [MeSH] DNA, Intergenic : D021901
Tier II 4867 GS234532: [MeSH] Sequence Deletion : D017384
Tier II 18427 GS234621: [MeSH] Chemical Actions and Uses : D020164
Tier II 1047 GS234677: [MeSH] Endonucleases : D004720
Tier II 2944 GS234842: [MeSH] Peptide Fragments : D010446
Tier II 3734 GS234978: [MeSH] Leukocytes : D007962
Tier II 10537 GS235056: [MeSH] Peptides : D010455
Tier II 17125 GS235061: [MeSH] Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins : D000602
Tier II 3490 GS235187: [MeSH] Blood : D001769
Tier II 18580 GS235234: [MeSH] Biochemical Phenomena : D001669
Tier II 17046 GS235242: [MeSH] Biochemical Processes : D055438
Tier II 10574 GS235272: [MeSH] Membrane Proteins : D008565
Tier II 17084 GS235287: [MeSH] Proteins : D011506
Tier II 18292 GS235305: [MeSH] DNA, Complementary : D018076
Tier II 3445 GS235447: [MeSH] Blood Cells : D001773
Tier II 18365 GS235797: [MeSH] DNA Probes : D015342
Tier II 17587 GS235942: [MeSH] Genetic Processes : D039361
Tier II 1338 GS236278: [MeSH] Chromosome Aberrations : D002869
Tier II 16341 GS236298: [MeSH] Gene Expression : D015870