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Tier Species Size Attr. GeneSet
Tier II 86 GS26119: Positional candidate genes for Thermal Nociception Hot Plate Avg of 2Trials [Pain] in Females for Significant BXD QTL on Chr11 from 68 to 70 Mb
Tier III 609 GS37187: Positional candidate on chromosome 11 (59-79Mb) for overdominant effect for 24-hour, 2 bottle choice 30g/kg EtOH excessive consumption.
Tier III 1567 GS37188: Positional candidate on Chromosome 11 (30-110 Mb) for dominant deviation measuring EtOH consumption during Drinking in the Dark (DID), 24 hour access and Blood Ethanol Concentration (BEC).
Tier II 591 GS83980: cocaine related behavior 11 (Cocrb11, Published QTL, Chr 11)
Tier II 670 GS84245: differences in cocaine responsiveness (Published QTL, Chr 11)
Tier II 704 GS84246: cocaine related behavior (Published QTL, Chr 11)
Tier II 704 GS84247: chronic alcohol withdrawal severity (Published QTL, Chr 11)
Tier II 729 GS84248: nicotine sensitivity (Published QTL, Chr 11)
Tier I 531 GS86746: Table S5: List of Cocaine-Treated WT vs. Saline-Treated WT Significantly Regulated Genes. [DRG]
Tier III 1549 GS400144: Differentially expressed genes in the ventral tegmental area of mice given cocaine conditioning vs saline conditioning (RNA-seq) - linear regression (LR)
Tier IV 24063 GS407758: Microglial-specific transcriptome changes following chronic alcohol consumption