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Tier II GS84185 • high-dose ethanol actions (Published QTL, Chr 6)


high-dose ethanol actions spans 66.93 - 116.93 Mbp (NCBI Build 37) on Chr6. This interval was obtained by using an interval width of 25 Mbp around the peak marker (Build 37, MGI,


QTL for high-dose ethanol actions on Chr6 at D6Mit67 (91.93 Mbp , Build 37)









Erwin VG, Markel PD, Johnson TE, Gehle VM, Jones BC


Common quantitative trait loci for alcohol-related behaviors and central nervous system neurotensin measures: hypnotic and hypothermic effects.


The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics Feb 1997, Vol 280, pp. 911-8


Genetic correlations were found between high-affinity neurotensin receptor (NTR(H)) densities and NT-immunoreactivity (NT-ir) levels in specific brain regions and sensitivity to hypnotic and hypothermic effects of ethanol in LSXSS recombinant inbred strains of mice. Simple sequence length polymorphisms were used to identify quantitative trait loci (QTL) influencing hypnotic and hypothermic sensitivity to ethanol, NTR(H) and low-affinity neurotensin receptor densities and NT-ir levels in LSXSS recombinant inbred strains. Common QTL for NTR(H) receptor densities, NT-ir levels and these ethanol actions were identified. One of the QTL (chromosome 2, 80 cM) for NTR(H) density and hypnotic sensitivity is linked to the NTR(H) gene, Ntsr. Also, QTL for NTR(H) density were found in common with confirmed QTL for hypnotic sensitivity on chromosomes 1 (43 cM), 11 (57 cM) and 15 (56 cM) and with an unconfirmed QTL on chromosome 3 (19 cM). Two common QTL for NT-ir levels, but not NTR(H) or low-affinity neurotensin receptor receptors, and ethanol-induced hypothermia were observed on chromosomes 4 (43 cM) and 6 (41 cM). Two common QTL for NT-ir levels and sleep time were identified on chromosomes 3 (19 cM) and 9 (55 cM). Common QTL indicate that genes regulating NT receptor and/or NT-ir expression may be the same as those regulating sensitivity to ethanol. PUBMED: 9023306
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Annotation Information

Chromosomes, Human, Pair 3 (D002893)
Behavior (D001519)
Chromosomes (D002875)
Quantitative Trait Loci (D040641)
Central Nervous System (D002490)
Nervous System (D009420)
Hypothermia (D007035)
Informatics (D048088)
Mice, Inbred Strains (D008815)
Neurotensin (D009496)
Receptors, Neurotensin (D018028)
Ethanol (D000431)
central nervous system (MA:0000167)
nervous system (MA:0000016)
decreased body temperature (MP:0005534)
chromosome (GO:0005694)

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