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Tier I GS268743 • GWAS Catalog Data for asthma in 2,088 European ancestry cases, 1,612 African American and African Caribbean cases, 1,688 Hispanic cases


List of positional candidate genes after correcting for multiple testing and controlling the false discovery rate from genome wide association studies (GWAS) retrieved from the NHGRI-EBI Catalog of published genome-wide association studies ( The disease/trait examined in this study, as reported by the authors, was Asthma. The EFO term asthma was annotated to this set after curation by NHGRI-EBI. Intergenic SNPS were mapped to both the upstream and downstream gene. P-value uploaded. This gene set was generated using gwas2gs v. 0.1.8 and the GWAS Catalog v. 1.0.1.


GWAS: asthma









DG Torgerson, EJ Ampleford, GY Chiu, WJ Gauderman, CR Gignoux, PE Graves, BE Himes, AM Levin, RA Mathias, DB Hancock, JW Baurley, C Eng, DA Stern, JC Celedón, N Rafaels, D Capurso, DV Conti, LA Roth, M Soto-Quiros, A Togias, X Li, RA Myers, I Romieu, DJ Van Den Berg, D Hu, NN Hansel, RD Hernandez, E Israel, MT Salam, J Galanter, PC Avila, L Avila, JR Rodriquez-Santana, R Chapela, W Rodriguez-Cintron, GB Diette, NF Adkinson, RA Abel, KD Ross, M Shi, MU Faruque, GM Dunston, HR Watson, VJ Mantese, SC Ezurum, L Liang, I Ruczinski, JG Ford, S Huntsman, KF Chung, H Vora, X Li, WJ Calhoun, M Castro, JJ Sienra-Monge, B del Rio-Navarro, KA Deichmann, A Heinzmann, SE Wenzel, WW Busse, JE Gern, RF Lemanske, TH Beaty, ER Bleecker, BA Raby, DA Meyers, SJ London, FD Gilliland, EG Burchard, FD Martinez, ST Weiss, LK Williams, KC Barnes, C Ober, DL Nicolae


Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies of asthma in ethnically diverse North American populations.


Nature genetics Jul 2011, Vol 43, pp. 887-92


Asthma is a common disease with a complex risk architecture including both genetic and environmental factors. We performed a meta-analysis of North American genome-wide association studies of asthma in 5,416 individuals with asthma (cases) including individuals of European American, African American or African Caribbean, and Latino ancestry, with replication in an additional 12,649 individuals from the same ethnic groups. We identified five susceptibility loci. Four were at previously reported loci on 17q21, near IL1RL1, TSLP and IL33, but we report for the first time, to our knowledge, that these loci are associated with asthma risk in three ethnic groups. In addition, we identified a new asthma susceptibility locus at PYHIN1, with the association being specific to individuals of African descent (P = 3.9 × 10(-9)). These results suggest that some asthma susceptibility loci are robust to differences in ancestry when sufficiently large samples sizes are investigated, and that ancestry-specific associations also contribute to the complex genetic architecture of asthma. PUBMED: 21804549
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