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Tier II GS136211 • lupus BXSB x NZW 3 (Lxw3, Published QTL Chr 1)


QTL associated with lupus BXSB x NZW 3. This interval was obtained by using a fixed interval width of 25 Mbp around the peak marker (121937381)


QTL-Lxw3-Mouse-Chr 1









Kono DH, Park MS, Theofilopoulos AN


Genetic complementation in female (BXSB x NZW)F2 mice.


Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) Dec 2003, Vol 171, pp. 6442-7


F(1) hybrids among New Zealand Black (NZB), New Zealand White (NZW), and BXSB lupus-prone strains develop accelerated autoimmunity in both sexes regardless of the specific combination. To identify BXSB susceptibility loci in the absence of the Y chromosome accelerator of autoimmunity (Yaa) and to study the genetics of this complementation, genome-wide quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping was performed on female (BXSB x NZW)F(2) mice. Six QTL were identified on chromosomes 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 17. Survival mapped to chromosomes 5 and 17, anti-chromatin Ab to chromosomes 4 and 17, glomerulonephritis to chromosomes 6 and 17, and splenomegaly to chromosomes 1, 7, and 17. QTL on chromosomes 4 and 6 were new and designated as Lxw1 and -2, respectively. Two non-MHC QTL (chromosomes 1 and 4) were inherited from the BXSB and the rest were NZW-derived, including two similar to previously defined loci. Only two of 11 previously defined non-MHC BXSB QTL using male (Yaa(+)) crosses were implicated, suggesting that some male-defined BXSB QTL may require coexpression of the Yaa. Findings from this and other studies indicate that BXSB and NZB backgrounds contribute completely different sets of genes to complement NZW mice. Identification of susceptibility genes and complementing genes in several lupus-prone strain combinations will be important for defining the epistatic effects and background influences on the heterogeneous genetic factors responsible for lupus induction. PUBMED: 14662843
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Annotation Information

Splenomegaly (D013163)
Genetics (D005823)
Chromosomes (D002875)
Quantitative Trait Loci (D040641)
New Zealand (D009520)
Glomerulonephritis (D005921)
Y Chromosome (D014998)
Chimera (D002678)
European Continental Ancestry Group (D044465)
Autoimmunity (D015551)
Complement System Proteins (D003165)
Identification (Psychology) (D007062)
Survival (D013534)
glomerulonephritis (MP:0002743)
enlarged spleen (MP:0000691)
Y chromosome (GO:0000806)
chromosome (GO:0005694)

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