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Tier II GS136190 • light induced retinal degeneration 1 (Lrdg1, Published QTL Chr 1)


QTL associated with light induced retinal degeneration 1. This interval was obtained by using a fixed interval width of 25 Mbp around the peak marker (90464815)


QTL-Lrdg1-Mouse-Chr 1









Danciger M, Lyon J, Worrill D, Hoffman S, Lem J, Reme CE, Wenzel A, Grimm C


New retinal light damage QTL in mice with the light-sensitive RPE65 LEU variant.


Mammalian genome : official journal of the International Mammalian Genome Society Apr 2004, Vol 15, pp. 277-83


The purpose of this study was to determine the QTL that influence acute, light-induced retinal degeneration differences between the BALB/cByJ and 129S1/SvImJ mouse strains. Five- to 6-week-old F(2) progeny of an intercross between the two strains were exposed to 15,000 LUX of white light for 1 h after their pupils were dilated, placed in the dark for 16 h, and kept for 10-12 days in dim cyclic light before retinal rhodopsin was measured spectrophotometrically. This was used as the quantitative trait for retinal degeneration. Neither gender nor pigmentation had a significant influence on the amount of rhodopsin after light exposure in the F(2) progeny. For genetic study, DNAs of the 27-36 F(2) progeny with the highest and 27-36 F(2) with the lowest levels of rhodopsin after light exposure were genotyped with 71 dinucleotide repeat markers spanning the genome. Any marker with a 95% probability of being associated with phenotype was tested in all 289 F(2) progeny. Data were analyzed with Map Manager QTX. Significant QTL were found on mouse Chrs 1 and 4, and suggestive QTL on Chrs 6 and 2. The four QTL together equal an estimated 78% of the total genetic effect, and each of the QTL represents a gene with BALB/c susceptible alleles. The Chr 6 QTL is in the same region as a highly significant age-related retinal degeneration QTL found previously. Identification of these QTL is a first step toward identifying the modifier genes/alleles they represent, and identification of the modifiers may provide important information for human retinal diseases that are accelerated by light exposure. PUBMED: 15112105
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Annotation Information

Gender Identity (D005783)
Alleles (D000483)
Retinal Degeneration (D012162)
Retinal Diseases (D012164)
Rhodopsin (D012243)
Pigmentation (D010858)
European Continental Ancestry Group (D044465)
Dinucleotide Repeats (D018900)
Genes, vif (D016341)
Identification (Psychology) (D007062)
Zellweger Syndrome (D015211)
Probability (D011336)
Retinaldehyde (D012172)
retinal degeneration (MP:0001326)
pigmentation (GO:0043473)

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