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Tier II GS136005 • hapatic PMN infiltration 1 (Hpi1, Published QTL Chr 13)


QTL associated with hapatic PMN infiltration 1. This interval was obtained by using a fixed interval width of 25 Mbp around the peak marker (21385135)


QTL-Hpi1-Mouse-Chr 13









Matesic LE, Niemitz EL, De Maio A, Reeves RH


Quantitative trait loci modulate neutrophil infiltration in the liver during LPS-induced inflammation.


FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Nov 2000, Vol 14, pp. 2247-54


A crucial aspect of the inflammatory response is the recruitment of activated neutrophils (PMN) to the site of damage. Lytic enzymes and oxygen radicals released by PMN are important in clearing an infection or cellular debris, but can also produce host tissue damage. Failure to properly regulate the inflammatory response contributes to a variety of human diseases like sepsis and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in surgical intensive care units. Many aspects of human disease pathology, including hepatic PMN infiltration, can be recapitulated in mice using an endotoxic shock model. Six quantitative trait loci that predispose to high infiltration of PMN in hepatic sinusoids after high-dose endotoxin administration were provisionally identified. Two of these loci, Hpi1 and Hpi2 on mouse chromosomes 5 and 13, were mapped to the significant and highly significant level using a low-resolution genome scan on 122 intercross animals. These loci interact epistatically to produce a high degree of PMN infiltration. Intercross and recombinant inbred strain mice with a specific genotype at these loci always had a high infiltration response, indicating that genotype analysis at just these two loci can accurately predict a high PMN infiltration response. Genetic predisposition to the degree of PMN infiltration in the inflammatory response in mice suggests that analogous genetic mechanisms occur in human beings that could be used for diagnostic purposes. PUBMED: 11053246
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Annotation Information

Intensive Care Units (D007362)
Animals (D000818)
Reactive Oxygen Species (D017382)
Neutrophil Infiltration (D020556)
Chromosomes (D002875)
Quantitative Trait Loci (D040641)
Pathology (D010336)
Multiple Organ Failure (D009102)
Enzymes (D004798)
Genetic Predisposition to Disease (D020022)
Morbidity (D009017)
Intensive Care (D017055)
Genotype (D005838)
Neutrophils (D009504)
Tissues (D014024)
Inflammation (D007249)
Shock, Septic (D012772)
Organization and Administration (D009934)
Organizations (D009938)
Infection (D007239)
Mortality (D009026)
abnormal inflammatory response (MP:0001845)
inflammatory response (GO:0006954)
piecemeal microautophagy of nucleus (GO:0034727)

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