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Tier II GS135902 • granulosa cell tumorigenesis 7 (Gct7, Published QTL Chr 1)


QTL associated with granulosa cell tumorigenesis 7. This interval was obtained by using a fixed interval width of 25 Mbp around the peak marker (64357309)


QTL-Gct7-Mouse-Chr 1









Dorward AM, Shultz KL, Horton LG, Li R, Churchill GA, Beamer WG


Distal Chr 4 harbors a genetic locus (Gct1) fundamental for spontaneous ovarian granulosa cell tumorigenesis in a mouse model.


Cancer research Feb 2005, Vol 65, pp. 1259-64


The spontaneous development of juvenile-onset ovarian granulosa cell tumors in mice of the SWXJ-9 recombinant inbred strain is a model for juvenile-type granulosa cell tumors that appear in very young girls. To expedite gene discovery in this mouse model of childhood cancer, we did a gene mapping study with the SWXJ-9 recombinant inbred strain and the evolutionarily divergent Mus musculus castaneus (CAST/Ei) strain as a mapping partner. Our mapping strategy focused on autosomal determinants of susceptibility with a backcross scheme that exploited a paternal, parent-of-origin effect for a X-linked gene (Gct4) that strongly supports granulosa cell tumor development. Of 1,968 backcross females examined, we detected 81 granulosa cell tumor-bearing animals and compared their allelic inheritance patterns to non-tumor-bearing siblings in a case-control analysis. The results of our study have confirmed an important locus on mouse chromosome (Chr) 4 (Gct1) and have revealed new loci for granulosa cell tumor susceptibility (Gct7-Gct9) on Chrs 1, 2, and 13 with susceptibility alleles contributed by the SWXJ-9 progenitor. Two novel gene-gene interactions supportive for granulosa cell tumor development were also observed between loci on Chrs 17 and 18 and loci on Chrs 2 and 10. Our data substantiate the evidence that Gct1 on Chr 4 is a fundamental oncogene for granulosa cell tumorigenesis in mice and has identified additional interacting autosomal loci that support tumor development. PUBMED: 15735010
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Alleles (D000483)
Animals (D000818)
Genetic Association Studies (D056726)
Chromosome Mapping (D002874)
Chromosomes (D002875)
Neoplasms (D009369)
Oncogenes (D009857)
Inheritance Patterns (D040582)
Genetic Loci (D056426)
Siblings (D035781)
Cell Transformation, Neoplastic (D002471)
Genes, vif (D016341)
Granulosa Cell Tumor (D006106)
Granulosa Cells (D006107)
Zellweger Syndrome (D015211)
Genes, X-Linked (D050172)
tumorigenesis (MP:0002006)
chromosome (GO:0005694)

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