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Tier Species Size Attr. GeneSet
Tier III 772 GS218676: Differentially expressed in hippocampus of people with AUD
Tier IV 22764 GS400031: expression matrix in the nucleus accumbens for all 20 individual mice used in our RNA-sequencing experiment (cocaine)
Tier III 3730 GS400093: Mouse gene regions that display cocaine-induced changes in 5hmC (5hmC-seq)
Tier IV 56086 GS400111: Rat Cocaine vs Control (RNA-seq)
Tier IV 35023 GS400115: WIN 55,212-2 (WIN) vs control skipped exon - rat (RNA-seq)
Tier IV 11534 GS400116: Rat WIN 55,212-2-Cocaine vs. Cocaine skipped exon (RNA-seq)
Tier IV 5974 GS400117: RAT WIN 55,212-2-Cocaine vs. Control skipped exon (RNA-seq)
Tier IV 32438 GS400118: Rat Cocaine vs. Control skipped exon (RNA-seq)
Tier III 17420 GS400133: Transcriptome of the human dorsolateral prefrontal cortex of people with a history of cocaine use vs control (RNA-seq)
Tier III 11555 GS400188: Differentially expressed genes in the central amygdala of rats on day 2 of methamphetamine withdrawal (RNA-seq)
Tier III 11555 GS400189: Differentially expressed genes in the central amygdala of rats on day 35 of methamphetamine withdrawal (RNA-seq)
Tier III 3091 GS400425: Comparison of differential expression (DE) in the ventral midbrain (VMB) of methamphetamine high drink vs. methamphetamine low drink mouse lines using Affymetrix microarray 430 2.0 mouse GeneChips [11] and RNAseq data from the current study.
Tier IV 132 GS403650: Gene expression correlates in the Striatum with HIC phenotypes.
Tier IV 4677 GS403700: nature
Tier II 2685 GS235248: [MeSH] Algorithms : D000465
Tier II 18360 GS238409: [MeSH] Gene Components : D040461
Tier II 19130 GS238415: [MeSH] Genome Components : D040481
Tier II 15243 GS238990: [MeSH] Mathematical Concepts : D055641
Tier II 19224 GS239190: [MeSH] Genome : D016678
Tier II 20142 GS241072: [MeSH] Genetic Phenomena : D055614
Tier II 19954 GS243722: [MeSH] Genetic Structures : D040342
Tier II 5283 GS243926: [MeSH] Exons : D005091
Tier II 19112 GS245795: [MeSH] Genes : D005796
Tier IV 8709 GS391: RIKEN Cerebellum C57BL/6J Development Series
Tier IV 3151 GS3647: Meta-analysis of brain gene expression associated with voluntary consumption of ethanol in mice