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Tier Species Size Attr. GeneSet
Tier II 49 GS36139: Neocortex Gene expression correlates of Activity during 2ndtone shock pairing in Females & Males BXD
Tier II 43 GS36149: Neocortex Gene expression correlates of Activity during 2nd tone shock pairing in Males BXD
Tier II 462 GS84193: alcohol preference locus 11, male specific (Alcp11, Published QTL, Chr 7)
Tier I 2181 GS128573: Ethanol Induced Hypothermia Chr# 7
Tier I 985 GS128584: Rotarod Baseline Chr# 7
Tier I 2218 GS128593: Average rotarod training latency Chr# 7
Tier I 7897 GS373053: GO:0110165 cellular anatomical entity
Tier I 5716 GS374839: GO:0005622 intracellular
Tier I 4634 GS375568: GO:0043229 intracellular organelle
Tier I 4160 GS375570: GO:0043227 membrane-bounded organelle
Tier I 5041 GS375571: GO:0043226 organelle
Tier I 8140 GS376907: GO:0005575 cellular_component
Tier I 2436 GS377336: GO:0005634 nucleus
Tier I 3566 GS378119: GO:0043231 intracellular membrane-bounded organelle