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Tier Species Size Attr. GeneSet
Tier I 2 GS270071: GWAS Catalog Data for intraocular pressure measurement in 2,175 European ancestry individuals
Tier II 16 GS224151: Glucose level QTL 61 (Gluco61 Published QTL Chr 4)
Tier II 416 GS224153: Glucose level QTL 63 (Gluco63 Published QTL Chr 13)
Tier II 424 GS224154: Glucose level QTL 62 (Gluco62 Published QTL Chr 11)
Tier II 348 GS224388: Pancreatic morphology QTL 3 (Pancm3 Published QTL Chr 20)
Tier II 516 GS224386: Pancreatic morphology QTL 4 (Pancm4 Published QTL Chr 4)
Tier II 516 GS224844: Insulin level QTL 22 (Insul22 Published QTL Chr 4)
Tier II 44 GS224834: Glucose level QTL 32 (Gluco32 Published QTL Chr 4)
Tier II 118 GS224835: Glucose level QTL 33 (Gluco33 Published QTL Chr 7)
Tier II 204 GS224840: Glucose level QTL 34 (Gluco34 Published QTL Chr X)
Tier III 3730 GS400093: Mouse gene regions that display cocaine-induced changes in 5hmC (5hmC-seq)
Tier IV 56086 GS400111: Rat Cocaine vs Control (RNA-seq)
Tier IV 35023 GS400115: WIN 55,212-2 (WIN) vs control skipped exon - rat (RNA-seq)
Tier IV 11534 GS400116: Rat WIN 55,212-2-Cocaine vs. Cocaine skipped exon (RNA-seq)
Tier IV 5974 GS400117: RAT WIN 55,212-2-Cocaine vs. Control skipped exon (RNA-seq)
Tier IV 32438 GS400118: Rat Cocaine vs. Control skipped exon (RNA-seq)
Tier IV 863 GS400127: Cocaine vs. Saline (H3.3 WT): H3Q5dop in the ventral tegmental area contributes to cocaine-mediated rat gene expression (RNA-seq)
Tier III 17420 GS400133: Transcriptome of the human dorsolateral prefrontal cortex of people with a history of cocaine use vs control (RNA-seq)
Tier III 1126 GS400174: Significant Results from Differential Expression Analysis [Human Hippocampus] - Ordered by Significance (cocaine) (DESeq2)
Tier III 11555 GS400188: Differentially expressed genes in the central amygdala of rats on day 2 of methamphetamine withdrawal (RNA-seq)
Tier III 11555 GS400189: Differentially expressed genes in the central amygdala of rats on day 35 of methamphetamine withdrawal (RNA-seq)
Tier IV 8709 GS391: RIKEN Cerebellum C57BL/6J Development Series
Tier IV 192 GS746: EtOH_pref_F_BXD
Tier III 498 GS800: UCSD_CEREBELLUM_Additive_Time_Pattern_4th
Tier III 2388 GS866: Linear decrease in expression in both Pax6 (Sey) mutants and controls.