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Tier Species Size Attr. GeneSet
Tier II 402 GS136091: long bones 1 (Lbn1, Published QTL Chr 1)
Tier I 6964 GS340115: GO:0008150 biological_process
Tier I 2723 GS342797: GO:0007275 multicellular organism development
Tier I 3315 GS344410: GO:0032502 developmental process
Tier I 4107 GS344412: GO:0032501 multicellular organismal process
Tier I 3201 GS346438: GO:0048856 anatomical structure development
Tier I 552 GS343417: GO:0003002 regionalization
Tier I 588 GS343600: GO:0007389 pattern specification process
Tier I 313 GS341614: GO:0035282 segmentation
Tier I 665 GS341173: GO:0009790 embryo development
Tier I 214 GS345620: GO:0009952 anterior/posterior pattern specification
Tier I 173 GS340157: GO:0009948 anterior/posterior axis specification
Tier I 237 GS341177: GO:0009798 axis specification
Tier I 164 GS342845: GO:0008595 anterior/posterior axis specification, embryo
Tier I 164 GS344919: GO:0007351 tripartite regional subdivision
Tier I 250 GS344920: GO:0007350 blastoderm segmentation
Tier I 167 GS345458: GO:0000578 embryonic axis specification
Tier I 267 GS346746: GO:0009880 embryonic pattern specification
Tier I 46 GS342578: GO:0007379 segment specification
Tier I 1810 GS345817: GO:0009653 anatomical structure morphogenesis
Tier I 137 GS340318: GO:0016331 morphogenesis of embryonic epithelium
Tier I 1113 GS345126: GO:0060429 epithelium development
Tier I 693 GS345426: GO:0002009 morphogenesis of an epithelium
Tier I 267 GS345718: GO:0048598 embryonic morphogenesis
Tier I 708 GS346403: GO:0048729 tissue morphogenesis