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Tier Species Size Attr. GeneSet
Tier II 165 GS244813: [MeSH] E2F1 Transcription Factor : D050687
Tier III 2 GS271610: Genes downregulated in cisplatin-sensitive TNBC breast cancer cell lines
Tier III 2 GS271612: Genes downregulated in cisplatin-sensitive a luminal breast cancer cell line
Tier III 1 GS271611: Gene conferring cisplatin-sensitivity to TNBC cell lines.
Tier III 1 GS271613: Gene conferring cisplatin-sensitivity in a luminal breast cancer cell line
Tier I 240 GS227175: MSigDB Geneset - V$E2F1_Q3_01
Tier I 230 GS228033: MSigDB Geneset - V$E2F1_Q6
Tier I 232 GS228131: MSigDB Geneset - V$E2F1DP2_01
Tier I 232 GS228186: MSigDB Geneset - V$E2F1DP1_01
Tier I 236 GS229182: MSigDB Geneset - V$E2F1_Q6_01
Tier I 165 GS229435: MSigDB Geneset - SGCGSSAAA_V$E2F1DP2_01
Tier I 242 GS229714: MSigDB Geneset - V$E2F1_Q4
Tier I 242 GS229718: MSigDB Geneset - V$E2F1_Q3
Tier I 228 GS230446: MSigDB Geneset - V$E2F1DP1RB_01
Tier IV 205 GS439: BZ_human_alcoholism
Tier III 471 GS791: CerebellarFissureFreq BXD Cerebellum Gene Expression Correlates of Fissure Frequency
Tier IV 471 GS792: Cerebellum Fissure
Tier II 46 GS33931: Neocortex Gene expression correlates of Total distance traveled (cm) following ethanol in Females BXD
Tier II 570 GS83987: cocaine related behavior 3 (Cocrb3, Published QTL, Chr 2)
Tier II 570 GS84135: cocaine related behavior (Published QTL, Chr 2)
Tier II 601 GS84136: ethanol induced locomotion (Published QTL, Chr 2)
Tier II 511 GS84137: high-dose ethanol actions (Published QTL, Chr 2)
Tier II 500 GS84138: METH responses for climbing (Published QTL, Chr 2)
Tier II 500 GS84139: nicotine sensitivity (Published QTL, Chr 2)
Tier I 22 GS121131: BU 224 interacting with Homo sapiens associated genes (MeSH:C105826) in CTD