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Tier Species Size Attr. GeneSet
Tier III 2725 GS400143: Differentially expressed genes in the ventral tegmental area of mice given chronic cocaine vs chronic saline RNA-seq) - linear regression (LR)
Tier III 255 GS400390: THC induced genes in total mouse lymph node (LN) cells (>=2 fold) (RNA-seq)
Tier III 264 GS400391: THC suppressed genes in mouse CD4 cells (>=2 fold) (RNA-seq)
Tier II 334 GS83973: cocaine induced activation 5 (Cocia5, Published QTL, Chr 1)
Tier II 373 GS84102: METH responses for body temperature Chr1 at D1Ncvs75 (Published QTL, Chr 1)
Tier II 354 GS84103: chronic alcohol withdrawal severity Chr1 at D1Mit46 (Published QTL)
Tier I 7309 GS211587: VISl6b: Lateral visual area, layer 6b
Tier I 6854 GS212100: FOTUmo: Folium-tuber vermis (VII), molecular layer
Tier I 6851 GS212142: FOTU: Folium-tuber vermis (VII)
Tier I 6864 GS212289: FOTUgr: Folium-tuber vermis (VII), granular layer