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Tier Species Size Attr. GeneSet
Tier IV 2311 GS400104: Genes with downregulated whole blood RNA levels in severe COVID-19 patients versus healthy controls
Tier III 17420 GS400133: Transcriptome of the human dorsolateral prefrontal cortex of people with a history of cocaine use vs control (RNA-seq)
Tier IV 514 GS403355: Genes downregulated in blood of children with COVID-19 versus MIS-C
Tier III 3026 GS137407: Overall results of WGCNA combined with differential expression in BLA between AUD vs controls
Tier III 2079 GS246374: Differential Expression in Hippocampus people with a history of cocaine use vs control.
Tier IV 270 GS400124: Differential expression analysis of rat cytoplasmic extracts (cocaine) (RNA-seq)
Tier III 2725 GS400143: Differentially expressed genes in the ventral tegmental area of mice given chronic cocaine vs chronic saline RNA-seq) - linear regression (LR)
Tier III 11555 GS400188: Differentially expressed genes in the central amygdala of rats on day 2 of methamphetamine withdrawal (RNA-seq)
Tier III 11555 GS400189: Differentially expressed genes in the central amygdala of rats on day 35 of methamphetamine withdrawal (RNA-seq)
Tier II 9819 GS234359: [MeSH] Reproduction : D012098
Tier II 18427 GS234621: [MeSH] Chemical Actions and Uses : D020164
Tier II 9853 GS234761: [MeSH] Reproductive Physiological Processes : D055704
Tier II 17125 GS235061: [MeSH] Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins : D000602
Tier II 18580 GS235234: [MeSH] Biochemical Phenomena : D001669
Tier II 17046 GS235242: [MeSH] Biochemical Processes : D055438
Tier II 17084 GS235287: [MeSH] Proteins : D011506
Tier II 18292 GS235305: [MeSH] DNA, Complementary : D018076
Tier II 11117 GS235415: [MeSH] Embryo, Mammalian : D004622
Tier II 9907 GS235446: [MeSH] Reproductive and Urinary Physiological Phenomena : D012101
Tier II 18365 GS235797: [MeSH] DNA Probes : D015342
Tier II 17587 GS235942: [MeSH] Genetic Processes : D039361
Tier II 15658 GS236076: [MeSH] Protein Conformation : D011487
Tier II 15402 GS236241: [MeSH] Protein Structure, Tertiary : D017434
Tier II 16341 GS236298: [MeSH] Gene Expression : D015870
Tier II 15331 GS236775: [MeSH] RNA, Untranslated : D022661