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GeneWeaver is available without registration to enable all users to search the database and analyze gene sets. Registered users can access several additional features including long-term storage of gene sets, projects and results. Registered users can also form groups, designate administrators and share gene sets, projects and results to the members of their user group.

Users and group features are accessed through the "Edit Groups" link at the upper left of the page.

Creating and using groups

To see your groups page, click "Accounts and Groups" in the top left corner. To create a new group, simply type a name into the text box on the left, and click "create." To join an existing group, type the name of the group into the box and click "join." We cannot provide a list of groups to choose from for security purposes. The administrator of the group will have to approve your request. In addition, if you are a group administrator, you can add people to your group by simply adding their email address. If they are not a member we will create an account for them. This makes it very easy to provide your data safely to your collaborators, in a powerful analysis environment.

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