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Hypergeometric Test Tool

Why Use the Hypergeometric Test Tool

The Hypergeometric Test actually obtains more than Hypergeometric Distribution, at the end the user will be informed of:

1These can be referred to in tail testing.

If any of these tests are of interest to the user, this tool will be what they need.

Understanding the Hypergeometric Test Tool

A matrix given by the Hypergeometric Test Tool is no more complex than the Jaccard Similarity Tool. The extra information the user will need to be aware of is illustrated under each Venn Diagram in the matrix.
  • or: Odds Ratio score
  • ut/lt: Upper or Lower tail score, whichever is the larger of the two.
  • tt: Two-tail score.
  • hg: Hypergeometric Score

Using the Hypergeometric Test Tool

Access the Hypergeometric Test Tool through the My Projects tab under the Analyze Genesets option.
From there, select the GeneSets you want under your Projects by checking the ones you want, for more specific GeneSet choices, open the Projects with the green '+' symbol to the left of them.
Then, select the Options that you want enabled/disabled, and then hit Run, or the Hypergeometric Test Tool icon. Your results will appear in a new tab.



Homology will either separate (exclude) or integrate (include) data based on the species that the GeneSets are based on.


Pairwise Deletion is used to pick off problematic missing values from data while still aiming to get the remaining values for comparison-based use.

Issues/Known Bugs

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