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Analysis of the Par2 modifier of pulmonary adenoma formation in mice.

Authors:Wang M, Wang Y, You M, Devereux TR
Title:Analysis of the Par2 modifier of pulmonary adenoma formation in mice.
Journal:Experimental lung research Mar 2005 , Vol 31 , pp. 193-204
Abstract:Inbred strains of mouse show various susceptibilities to spontaneous and chemical-induced lung tumorigenesis. Genetic analyses have revealed that lung tumor susceptibilities of inbred mouse strains are governed by quantitative trait loci (QLTs) located on multiple chromosomes. A major lung tumor resistance QLT, designated pulmonary adenoma resistance 2 (Par2), was mapped to the mouse chromosome 18 independently by several groups and accounted for up to 60% phenotype variance between susceptible A/J and more resistant BALB/c strains. The authors recently conducted studies to positionally clone the Par2 gene. This review summarizes the effort and progress towards the identification of Par2 candidates.   PUBMED: 15828125
Ontological Annotations:
  • D040641: Quantitative Trait Loci (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D000236: Adenoma (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D009369: Neoplasms (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • MA:0000415: lung (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D002875: Chromosomes (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D007062: Identification (Psychology) (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D051379: Mice (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D002999: Clone Cells (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D016454: Review (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D002471: Cell Transformation, Neoplastic (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D002887: Chromosomes, Human, Pair 18 (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • GO:0005694: chromosome (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D008168: Lung (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • MP:0002006: tumorigenesis (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D008815: Mice, Inbred Strains (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • GO:0009058: biosynthetic process (Publication, NCBO Annotator)

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Expand Tier II Mouse 267 Genes GS136423: pulmonary adenoma resistance 2 (Par2, Published QTL Chr 18)