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Gene Set #224668 - Aerobic running capacity QTL 2 (Arunc2 Published QTL Chr 16)

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Description: QTL Associated with Aerobic running capacity. On Chromosome 16 with a LOD score= 2.9, p-value =. From a(n) of
Uploaded: 10 Jun 2015
Species: Rattus norvegicus
Authors: Ways JA, Cicila GT, Garrett MR, Koch LG
Title: A genome scan for Loci associated with aerobic running capacity in rats.
Journal: Genomics , Vol 80 , pp. 13-20
Abstract: 1. Genomics. 2002 Jul;80(1):13-20. A genome scan for Loci associated with aerobic running capacity in rats. Ways JA(1), Cicila GT, Garrett MR, Koch LG. Author information: (1)Functional Genomics Laboratory, Department of Physiology and Molecular Medicine, Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio, 43614-5804, USA. Aerobic capacity is a complex trait that defines the efficiency to use atmospheric oxygen as an electron acceptor in energy transfer. Copenhagen (COP) and DA inbred rat strains show a wide difference in a test for aerobic treadmill running and serve as contrasting genetic models for aerobic capacity. A genome scan was carried out on an F(2)(COP x DA) segregating population (n=224) to detect quantitative trait loci (QTLs) associated with aerobic running capacity. Linkage analysis revealed a significant QTL on chromosome 16 (lod score, 4.0). A suggestive linkage was found near the p-terminus of chromosome 3 (lod score, 2.2) with evidence of an interaction with another QTL on chromosome 16 (lod score, 2.9). All three QTLs showed a dominant mode of inheritance in which the presence of at least one DA allele was associated with a greater distance run. These results represent the first aerobic capacity QTLs identified in genetic models. PMID: 12079278 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]   PUBMED: 12079278
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