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Gene Set #136469 - p-glycoprotein positive CD4 T cell subset 2 (Pcd4ts2, Published QTL Chr 13)

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Description: QTL associated with p-glycoprotein positive CD4 T cell subset 2. This interval was obtained by using a fixed interval width of 25 Mbp around the peak marker (45152335)
Uploaded: 02 Apr 2012
Species: Mus musculus
Authors: Jackson AU, Galecki AT, Burke DT, Miller RA
Title: Genetic polymorphisms in mouse genes regulating age-sensitive and age-stable T cell subsets.
Journal: Genes and immunity Jan 2003 , Vol 4 , pp. 30-9
Abstract: To see whether genetic polymorphisms regulate inter-individual differences in T cell subset levels, we have conducted a genome scan in two populations of mice, bred as the progeny of a cross between CB6F1 females and C3D2F1 males. The data document quantitative trait loci (QTL) with statistically significant effects on CD4, CD8, and CD8 memory T cells, and on subsets of CD4 and CD8 T cells that express P-glycoprotein. Some of the loci detected were robust, in the sense that they produced effects of similar size both in mated female mice, and in a population that included male and female virgin animals. Some of the effects were stable, in that they were apparent at both 8 and 18 months of age, but others were age-specific, showing effects either at 8 or at 18 months but not at both ages. Genes that had an effect on the same T cell subset were in almost all cases additive rather than epistatic, and their combined effects could produce large overall effects, leading in the most dramatic case to a two-fold difference in CD8 memory cells. The analysis also documented two QTL, on chromosomes 4 and 13, that regulate an age-sensitive composite index of T cell subset pattern which has been shown previously to be a predictor of life expectancy in these mice. The analysis thus reveals both subset-specific genes and others which modulate the overall pattern of age-sensitive changes in T cell subset distributions.   PUBMED: 12595899
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Ontological Associations:
  • D002477: Cells (Description, NCBO Annotator; Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D013601: T-Lymphocytes (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D000818: Animals (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D051379: Mice (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D002875: Chromosomes (Publication, NCBO Annotator; GeneWeaver Primary Inferred)
  • D040641: Quantitative Trait Loci (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D011110: Polymorphism, Genetic (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • EDAM_data:1860: QTL map (GeneWeaver Data Type)
  • D019369: Life (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D016424: Overall (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D020168: P-Glycoprotein (Description, NCBO Annotator; Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D016176: T-Lymphocyte Subsets (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • GO:0007613: memory (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • GO:0005623: cell (Description, NCBO Annotator; Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D008568: Memory (Publication, NCBO Annotator)
  • D008017: Life Expectancy (Publication, NCBO Annotator)

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